“Browsing our album, page per page, is always how to relive every moment of our day … every expression and every emotion has been captured by your eye … it was like getting the most beautiful gift we could expect … thank you”

Annalisa and Emanuele

“It was a pleasure, from every point of view: human and professional, top notch! Even in situations that were objectively complicated for logistics reasons, the result of our reportage is brilliant not only for us but also for all those who we have shown the album, with a not-insignificant plus: we have not noticed at all of their impressive work, with a result of great natural shots, able to capture the best moments with absolute timing, and very high professionalism, sensibility and taste as regard the post production of the shots. Photos of great emotions”

Virginia and Francesco

“You have made our special day even more beautiful, contributing decisively to its preservation, with art, passion, creativity and experience. Beautiful photos with beautiful editing, lights play, special vignettes, spectacular wide wings, reflexes and abuse of depth of fields, creative and distinctive post production, excellent chromatic choices Inside the protagonists, immersed in the event, beyond the wedding reportage “

Paola and Italo

“For our wedding we did not want simply a photographer, but an artist who knew how to make our emotions immortal through his work, we found him in Michele Abriola, a delightful and unquestionable talent, as well as to testify faithfully and with absolute discretion to the different moments of our September 21th, he has been able to capture every gaze, every gesture, every smile and every kiss, in beautiful photographs. Thank you!”

Fabiola and Felice

“His kindness made us feel him more like an old friend than our photographer, his special eyesight has been able to capture so many shades of emotions we shared with our affections and the final result was great for originality and beauty of the photos. We also appreciated the fact that the album came soon, Michele have dedicated us to the lookout, photo selection and delivery … We can only thank you heartily!”

Sara and Franco

“The wedding day is a beautiful day, but also fleeting, in which time seems to lengthen and sometimes shrink in a whirlwind of emotions, and memories, at the beginning vivid and net, “drunken” of smells and colors, over time begin to fade and you have the feeling of losing something. Who can give you those smells and those colors (maybe through a black and white photo) does not only offer you a photo service, but it also gives you a gift for life. And so by browsing the photo album it’s magical to see transformed a brisk day into a surreal landscape and disarming the sensation that you have every time, almost to return to those moments, for how much vitality the photos have in front. Michele’s photos are just so beautiful, elegant and refined without being trivial, cheerful without becoming pacchy, overwhelming and able to make the details protagonist, almost to oblige the eye to look for them in the pictures. To make a nice photo, you just have to have a good camera, to take a look you need the ability to recognize a face in a face, but to capture an emotion is indispensable the innate sensibility of recognizing it. He has this quality!”

Annarita and Vito