The magic autumn wedding of Fabio and Morena

Photography, editing, post production: Michele Abriola

Wedding film: Produzioni Evergreen
Location: Masseria Bonelli
Design, planning, dress, floral design and set up: MorenArte Creative Designer, MorenArte Packaging
Make up artist: Daniela Vinci
Hair stylist: Eccentric Hair
Violin: Raffaella Rinaldi
Party music: Fatti in Italia by ShakerartiNjoy

It ‘s autumn, we are around 1899, Fabio and Morena are joined in marriage, in an outdoor ceremony, waiting for them, a violin, a harp, elegant guests, the warmth of the sun, warm colors, leaves dancers and…lots of emotion.

“… after taking care of the marriage of many brides, now I had to take care of my wedding…I had to take care of us…I felt inspired by the atmosphere and the colors of autumn and I wanted to recreate that feeling with my touch. It was not easy…at some point I had the impression that my creativity was suddenly gone but the hidden truth was that I wanted the best for me.

Everything I thought seemed trivial and obvious…I felt under examination, because I knew very well that everyone expected something absolutely different from me…heck! this must have been the marriage of a person who since childhood, everyone has admired for his talent!

This has filled me with responsibility…But at a certain point I found a compromise…I started thinking only about ourselves, how I imagined that day before meeting the expectations of others.

I have never liked things done without harmony and harmony does not belong only to music, harmony is in a woman, in a look, in a photographic composition, in ways, in attitudes.

It was autumn, our fall in love, so we called him … and from here the preparations began. As I wrote in my promise to Fabio, from an early age, I have always been fascinated by the autumn leaves, their colors, their elegantly falling from the trees, their old age, the union with other leaves in a sinuous dance on the notes of wind, their melancholy the same as mine, my pleasure of being alone, with myself.

They were my inspiration and my common thread… “