The italian dream of Andrè and Anna

Photography, editing, post production: Michele Abriola
Location: Borgo di Tragliata, Rome

“…Anna, as a child, dreamed that one day she would marry and that people would come from all over the world…” 

Her dream come true. A magnificent wedding couple in a wonderful location with a group of awesome friends coming from different parts of Europe. A day full of wonderful italian sunshine. The final result could only be great for a wedding destination in Italy!

Andrè and Anna, together with their large group of friends, have chosen to marry in Italy in the beautiful village of Borgo di Tragliata in Rome. For our wedding reportage we preferred to get to the location the day before to spend some time with them. Already in the early afternoon we had the opportunity to taste the warmth of this wonderful group of guys. We were kindly invited to join them at their welcome party where we had the chance to know their very special guests.

The next day was the big day, the village was more beautiful than ever, and together with Andrè and Anna we decided to shoot photos of their “getting ready” surrounded by a fantastic setting. Immediately afterwards the beautiful ritual began in the garden of the village where, surrounded by tears of joy and immense emotions, have pronounced their I WILL.

The friends were amazing, every single photograph of each single hug embraced happiness and endless joy.
The party of Andrè and Anna has been characterized by strong, decisive images, rich in color and warmth, in which endless fun comes till to the end at night…

Andrè and Anna, and their wonderful story beautifully told!