Featured weddings

“…every single photograph shoot by Michele is like a sort of coffer rich in mystery, photography is its own personal way of watching and telling the world, every single wedding story is a challenge, a truly amazing journey…”

  • Giuseppe and Daniela
    Giuseppe and Daniela
  • Fabio and Morena
    Fabio and Morena
  • The central goal of the day was maximum fun. I would say that the beautiful wedding of Giovanna and Gianfranco has hit the target in full.
    Giovanna and Gianfranco
  • The beautiful wedding story of Marie and Gaetano, an elegant countryside wedding in south Italy, French and Italian guests together for a beautiful day!
    Marie and Gaetano
  • Andrè and Anna
    Andrè and Anna
  • Alessia and Danilo
    Alessia and Danilo
  • Gianluca and Francesca
    Gianluca and Francesca
  • Michele Abriola photographer
    Massimiliano e Sabrina
  • Michele Abriola photographer
    Francesco & Maria Cristina
  • Mariangela & Antonello
  • Francesco & Mariagrazia
  • Catching A Moment Photography, Michele Abriola Photographer, wedding, Stefano e Irene
    Stefano & Irene
  • Vito & Chiara
  • Laura & Lorenzo
  • Paola & Italo
  • Milena & Maurizio
  • Maria Antonietta & Massimiliano
  • Diana & Ludwig
  • Raffaella & Renato
  • Annalisa & Emanuele
  • Catching A Moment Photography, wedding, Alessandra & Feliciano, Michel Abriola photographer
    Alessandra & Feliciano
  • Rosa & Vincenzo
  • Viviana & Paolo